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Now Open: Drop-In Botox Salon SmoothMed Shooting People Up As We Speak

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It's time to check in with SmoothMed, the nation's first walk-in Botox salon aka the answer to every raisin-faced tanorexic's prayers. We were introduced to SmoothMed two months ago via a Times Styles piece where we met Dr. Andrew I. Elkwood, owner, and his partner Dr. Michael I. Rose. The duo, who are probably only a few months away from a Botox-induced droopy-eyelid lawsuit, are basically offering a plastic surgery drive-through: a storefront where patients can stop by to get de-wrinkled on their lunch breaks. And now, via Sun article, we find out that the place is finally open—and you don't even need to make an appointment. Oh joyous day.
BONUS: The Channel 7 News Team has already paid the salon a visit; for your viewing pleasure, here's the video. More information on SmoothMed can be found here and here.