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Penguin Movie Spawns Penguin Movie-Inspired Ice Cream

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A tipster sends us this image from Baskin Robbins with a note, "Went to a Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor for the first time in a long time and saw this incredibly disgusting looking ice cream they're selling that was "inspired by" the penguin movie Surf's Up. They had two flavors, this blue and white swirled thing and a chocolatey one that looked like it had melted completely and been refrozen." A quick visit to the chain's website confirms that the flavors debuted less than two weeks ago and will be available through August 19th. Bonus marketing drivel, "Penguin Swirl: Step up the flavor when you enjoy a sweet swirl of luscious Mixed Berry ice cream combined with our delectable Tutti Fruiti ice. Lick by lick you’ll find your mouth turning black just like a penguin—what could be more fun!" Okay, they're really scraping rock bottom with that copy. Someone at Baskin Robbins must have been having an off day.
· Baskin Robbins [Official Site]