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More Information On The Curious Case Of Portico Home And Bobby Berk Home

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Earlier, we asked for more information on the shuttering of furniture and home goods retailer Portico and the launch of new furniture and home goods company Bobby Berk Home. A reader has graciously stepped up to the plate, writing:

From what I hear the demise of was due to some company named Renissane hostily taking the intellectual property of Portico Bed and Bath away from them in court. They closed their stores two years ago due to bankruptcy but now had to shut everything down because they no longer have the rights to use the Portico name. Bobby Berk Home was started by Bobby Berk because he was out of a job.
A source close to the company confirms that it was this court case, and not any action by Bobby Berk, that put the final nail in Portico's coffin.
· Portico Home & Spa Closes, Bobby Berk Home Rises In Its Place [Racked]