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iPhrenzy: T-Minus 3 Weeks Till The iPhone Hits

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The universe has been obsessed with Apple's forthcoming iPhone, the gadget that'll change the world, since Apple CEO Steve Jobs' announcement of its coming back in January. A week ago yesterday, we learned that streetdate for said God Machine is June 29. Today, straight from the black-turtleneck-wearing horse's mouth, we learn that the debut will be June 29th at 6 PM. Which means that as of today, we're less than three weeks out from its arrival and 3-5 seconds away from an apoplectic iPhrenzied shockwave of anticipation.

The Messiah's arrival is already well-documented in the media, of course. Today, for example, the Times decided it couldn't wait another day and dropped what is essentially a blog roundup on the buzz. At present, the key question is how to get your hands on one of these bad boys on day one—everyone knows that boasting of having scored a shipment two iPhone is about as good as getting excited about the Wii you bought last week. By the numbers, we know that 3 million devices are going to be shipped to 2000 Apple and AT&T stores. Hypothetically, that's 1,500 units a store, on average. While this may seem like a lot, it may prove quiet a bit harder to lock-down an iPhone than that. The plain truth is that it's not yet clear, but for the next couple of weeks we'll be exploring three tacks that might score you an iPhone.

1) Get Thee to an Apple Store: Common sense indicates that the best way to get an iPhone on day one might be to suck it up and get in line with the Apple lemmings. Nothing has yet disputed early reports that Jobs is keeping the majority of the devices for himself. Even if only one-third get shipped to Apple stores, that amounts to 6,250 (1,000,000 devices divided by 160 Apple retail stores) per store, which is a pretty fat number.

2) Get Thee to an AT&T Store: While AT&T retail stores may get the shaft by volume, the number of phones shipped to most stores will likely be greater than zero, which means that company-owned stores, such as the one on at 592 Sixth Avenue (store locator), might be a decent bet. An even better choice: AT&T stores that are not in Manhattan.

3) Get Thee to the Web: This is the wild card of the tacks we're currently investigating, but it is the custom at AT&T/Cingular to make their products available, via FedEx overnight, online. In the days leading up to June 29th, AT& may begin allowing pre-orders.

In typical Apple product release fashion, they continue to keep most of the key details close to the vest. In fact, the only thing anyone really knows for sure, other than the date and time of the release, is that you having an iPhone on day one is a life-or-death proposition. But the Racked/iPhenzy task force is hard at work: As details become available, you can be sure we'll get them out to you.
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