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Beware: Boutiques Now Sharing Their Mailing Lists

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Scribbling your name and address into those cute little books at the registers of your favorite boutique, i.e. adding yourself to stores' mailing lists, might have untold consequences—like random marketing emails from other businesses landing in your inbox. Today, we learned that men's e-daily UrbanDaddy, described accurately by Gawker as "DailyCandy for cocks," is trolling for readership via a note "sent" by Lower East Side boutique 20 Peacocks, a tony menswear boutique that peddles button-down shirts and ties. What's UrbanDaddy doing sending marketing missives via a boutique mailing list? The eww-worthy first line, "See What Daddy Has For You. Your UrbanDaddy, That Is." Right off the bat, we got pissed at UrbanDaddy for sending us marketing drivel, but our ire should have been directed at 20Peacocks, who, on their website, clearly state that they won't sell your email address (though there's probably some loophole where they can use it to shill for anything they want, as long as the emails are sent from them and not another company). Let's hope other stores don't follow suit.
· UrbanDaddy [Official Site]
· 20Peacocks [Official Site]

See What Daddy Has For You. Your UrbanDaddy, That Is.

UrbanDaddy - the father of all online guides to all that's worth knowing about playing, eating, relaxing, buying and styling for the New York guy - has a treat for you.

As part of the 20 Peacocks family, UD is inviting you to subscribe to their new membership-only email newsletter. The free daily email will bring you UD's typical ahead-of-the-curve information on living correct in New York. But you'll also get monthly offers from the restaurants, lounges, clubs, shops, etc, that have made UD's list of preferred retailers. (Yes, UrbanDaddy plays favorites.)

The perk list launches this month, so to access all the offers, subscribe to UD at Once you sign up, Daddy says you can have a special discount from 20 Peacocks - we're one of the featured merchants coming this summer - and our partner, Michael Andrews Bespoke, custom clothiers.

Go ahead, it's your turn. Grab (but don't snatch) your rewards from UrbanDaddy. Because you've been a very good boy.

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