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Billboards: H&M Loves Kylie

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H&M appreciates singers/gay icons. Following a collaboration with Madonna, they've tapped Australian pop star Kylie Minogue as the "inspiration" and face for a beachwear collection, which hit H&M stores today. Ads for the line of metallic bathing suits and brightly-patterned scarfs, towels, shirts, and dresses have been popping up all over the city. This billboard has also surfaced. Spotted by Copyranter, Kylie's floating, disembodied head (soon, we assume, to be a whole H&M-clad songstress) replaces the busty Madonna masterpiece on Houston and Crosby Streets. It's colorful, but strangely evil-looking. Would you want this gazing down at you? Almost makes you wish for the return of dominatrix-esque Madonna's disapproving stare.
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