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Let The Uniqlo Backlash Begin!

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Why is it that as soon as something becomes really popular, everyone starts hating on it? Look, My Chemical Romance rocks and no one can convince us otherwise! Wait, no, scratch that. What we were trying to get at is the recent frenzy surrounding Uniqlo. Sure, the store was a hit from the start. But recently, high-profile designer collaborations have taken the place from a resource for basic, well-designed clothing to a madhouse. Evidence: yesterday's turnout for the Phillip Lim and Alexander Plokhov collections. Per the TONY blog, we learn that the store had a bouncer to corral shoppers. A bouncer? Is that really necessary? Alright then, let's get to the real haterade.

From a reader, "You probably heard this already, but that sh*t was about 97% gone by the time we job-having shoppers were able to get over to Uniqlo last night. I knew I should have taken a half-day. Polos and vests were all gone (ALL.), and what was left looked like an H&M clearance rack. I'm getting really tired of Uniqlo's tiny little good-sh*t alcove. A dude who worked there confirmed that was all there'd be. Le boo." For those who haven't set foot inside Uniqlo's Soho flagship, our fair reader is referring to the small area located off to the left on the first floor of the store where the men's capsule collections are displayed. Other grumblings we've heard: you can't purchase the clothing on Uniqlo's website, it's hard to find pictures of the capsule collections on Uniqlo's website and the men's t-shirt area on the second floor is always out of mediums. Harsh truths, those. Life's hard in the spotlight.
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