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RackedWire: Did The FCUK Store Go Up In Flames?

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SOHO—In response a reader query about the ripped-to-shreds entrance of the FCUK store on West Broadway, a tipster emails a photo of the place along with this note, "There was heavy smoke there a few nights back, but I didn't spot any flames. I did a short blog post about it." If there was a fire, we hope that no "Too busy to FCUK" tees were damaged. [RackedWire Inbox]

THE BURG—New hope for Williamsburgers who wanna pump some iron. From a tipster, "Not sure of the name, but a gym recently opened on the South end of Bedford Ave between Grand and South 1st. It’s a tiny little place that used to be some sort of store-front church." Well, that will just have to tide residents over until this yet-as-unnamed workout zone opens. [RackedWire Inbox]