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Straight Men Can't Dress Themselves: A Tired Stereotype?

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Are we really to believe that all men are useless clods who don't understand shopping or fashion? The media sure thinks so. Recently, we've seen this stereotype trotted out again and again in regards to shorts. This week, it's the New York Daily News who's doing the talking down to advising, as "Many guys don't know how to carry off the look, and end up looking schlubby, pasty or chicken-legged." Their tips: keep them knee-length, comfortable, colorful, and appropriate for the occasion. Oh, and guys should also, "Take chances, but not too many. Rolled up short shorts that might look good on the beach or on the runway are not for everyday wear." Better yet, don't purchase any items of clothing without a gay man or a chick present, as you clearly cannot be trusted to make even the simplest of choices in regards to your wardrobe.
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