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iPacking District 60-Minute Countdown: Stevie Brought Freebies!

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With an hour to go before the Apple Store MePa throws open its doors and the age of iPacking begins in proper, a rumor has surfaced towards the front of the long long line to get in. Seems a lucky few folks will be rewarded for their patience with brand new iPods. Or, perhaps, they won't: when one person queuing whispered the words "free iPod" to us, a security guard quickly corrected her: "nah, no iPods." "No iPods," we asked? "Well, maybe there are a few free iPods."

But iPods or no, there will be a free gift iGift, oh yes there will. As seen below, it looks like it's a poster of some kind, most likely. Other theories: t-shirts and yoga mats. But if it's yoga mats, Jobs is going to have some explaining to do.

What lies in those tubes? iPods? T-Shirts?? Posters??? Yoga mats????

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