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Above The Fray: Sample Sale Throwdown, Handbag Edition Part 2

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The line outside Botkier at 10am this morning.

As promised, we bring you an update on this week's stellar handbag sample sale lineup. Yesterday, we said run to Rafe, stroll to Lauren Merkin, and just nix Hayden-Hartnett entirely. Today's contender is Botkier, the high-end designer renowned for buttery soft leather bags and a major sample sale following.

We have to admit, we don't really get die-hard Botkier enthusiasts. As reported earlier, there were around 70 shivering women in line by the time the doors swung open at 10am, and those at the front had been outside as early as 8:45am! Why, ladies?! The plush leather bags are lovely but do not substantiate hypothermia...or the $200-400 discounted prices. We browsed the selection and say save your cash and freezing toes. Head to Rafe instead.

Shoppers getting grabby.

The goods.

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