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Shopping Loeffler Randall for Target

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The launch of Loeffler Randall's Target accessories collection felt somewhat anticlimactic, since the flats and bags have been available to purchase online for more than a week now. Nevertheless, we journeyed to our local Target in Brooklyn yesterday to see the goods in person.

It was disappointing. Though the bags and shoes evidence LR's luxe aesthetic, materials used (synthetic leather, mainly) cheapen the effect. Rendered in soft leather, the bag above would be adorable—but in PVC, it looks...a bit trashy.

Though when we arrived, the selection was quite picked over, there were a few pairs of shoes left to try on. The handbags must have been more popular, as they were almost completely sold out. The cinch flats were attractive, but didn't feel comfortable enough to wear around town—again, the unforgiving faux-leather cheapened the product. Maybe these high/low collaborations are just getting old, or perhaps we're just sick of having a closet filled with uncomfortable shoes that we don't wear, but even at $30 we couldn't bring ourselves to purchase a pair. If you're still interested, the entire line is still available online.
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