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Crisis Management: Uniqlo Responds to Unhappy Sample Sale Customer

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Four pitiful racks

Frustrated with his experience at the Uniqlo "sample sale" yesterday, a Racked reader reached out to the store's management. An excerpt of the response letter he forwarded to us is below. From a Uniqlo manager:

Thanks for taking the time to contact us and for your patience this morning at the store. This was our first sample sale and needless to say the response was unexpected! In fact, I popped by to check out the sale and it's already down to less than two racks. We began making announcements this morning as soon as we saw a line had formed outside the store and certainly know to arm ourselves with more merchandise before planning our next sample sale. We certainly appreciated everyone's patience and I hope you found something worthwhile at the sale.
As it was Uniqlo's first-ever sample sale, we can understand that they might be a little unprepared. But seriously, four racks of sale merchandise? It's a massive, three-floor store. Perhaps they can make it up to fans by hosting a bigger and better sale soon.
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