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Live from the Uniqlo 12/26 Sale Bonanza: Madness and Confusion, No $15 Cashmere

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This morning we're coming to you live from the Uniqlo Soho's day after Christmas mega sale bonanza—or at least that's what the store had been promising. Recall from Friday: "The Soho store's basically giving away clothing: knit tops are $5, sweaters $10, woven tops $10, bottoms $10, cashmere $15 and jackets $20."

But, today, on location, the story is a bit different. From Racked Field Ops, currently embedded in the Uniqlo Soho Basement...

9:00 AM: The line to get in is long, down the block. It's 9 AM, we're moving.

9:02 AM: We're in the store. There are no sale signs.

9:10 AM: Spoiler: the sale is in the basement. Repeat: the sale is in the basement.

9:15 AM: Okay, all sample items are in the basement. But, this is very poorly executed. Not a great selection. The people are looking—not looking thrilled. Only a couple of racks to speak of. CashmereWire: none spotted.
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