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Above The Fray: Disappointment at the Uniqlo Sample Sale

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Was it unreasonable to expect entire tablesful of discount cashmere at the Uniqlo sample sale? Perhaps. But that's what propelled us, still groggy from yesterday's holiday festivities, out of bed this morning. Sadly, no such bounty was to be found at the retailer's Soho flagship, where shoppers milled about aimlessly and a dedicated few combed and combed the four bleak racks of sale merchandise. We saw quite a few XS Uniqlo tees, some listless and bland tanks, an assortment of pants that no one wanted and some puffy vests. Not worth the trek.

Browsing the racks


The line to get into the sale at 9am this morning

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Uniqlo - Soho

546 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website