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T-Mobile Wipes the Slate Clean in the West Village

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a shiny T-Mobile store has sprouted in the West Village storefront made infamous by February's Taco Bell rat incident. Some horrific quotage on the vermin-infested restaurant that sent the DOH on a rampage from a WNBC reporter:

It was one of the more disgusting things I have covered in my career because there were so many of them...

These were big rats too! Some were easily a foot long.

One of the rats actually climbed up on the counter, then on to stools that were turned upside down and dangled from the stool's chair like a gymnast. Others kept darting out from under the restaurants two garbage containers with bits of food in their mouths while a horde of them ran back and forth from the kitchen.

Blessedly, the KFC/Taco Bell was shuttered soon after. T-Mobile was brave enough to take over the space, replacing rat droppings with Razrs. Signs on the site put the opening date at 12/28/2007.
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