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Uniqlo Sample Sale Fallout: All The Good Stuff Went to PR/Press

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The truth comes out: This morning's Uniqlo sample sale was a disaster because all the good merchandise had been sold days before to PR types and assorted members of the press. Two reports from Racked commenters:

Anon commenter "waited on line since 7am - a manager-type came out and told us at 8am and 8:30am that they had sold-out all the cashmere at a 'pre-sale' (she also announced they'd let us in at 9am). Supposedly happened on the 24th. some good items, but havoc is having 100+ people descend onto 4 clothing racks (2 of men, 2 of womens clothing)!"

Another anon commenter "I was first in line. Got nothing on sale. I talked to the main manager while waiting and he said everything sold at a presale they had for pr and press. But that is how they always are any one remember how all of phillip lim was gone before the store even opened."

This is really bad form. The sale, which was listed all over the web, drew a few hundred people this morning.
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