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Above The Fray: Calypso

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We're always loath to pass up a good sample sale, even when we still need to purchase gifts for others. One that you should stop by asap is the little-publicized Calypso sale, being held through Sunday at 426 Broome Street between Crosby and Lafayette in Soho. A Racked correspondent dropped by earlier; here's her report:

It's not too crazy in there, but the space is small and crowded. T-shirts and random items, most marked $10, are piled in boxes on floor and shelves. There's clothing for women and children and a smattering of home goods. Dresses are priced, amazingly, at $20 to $30. There were lots of tank tops and basic tees, a small selection of shoes marked $30 a pair, and a few canvas-and-leather totes for $20 each. There's a good amount of kid's clothing, most of it $10.
That sound you hear? Hundreds of women sneaking out of their offices early.
· Calypso Christiane Celle [Official Site]