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Times Visits Muji, Pronounces it Worthy

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Even the Times is enamored with Muji. The paper devotes considerable space today to the Japanese chain's first US outpost on Broadway, which is one of our favorite new stores. Filing as Critical Shopper, Mike Albo is clearly swept away with the place's pleasant understatedness:

Everything here seems a necessity — stationery, bedding, flatware, rain gear — so that for once in your consumer holiday journeying, you can shop for gifts and convince yourself you are not being a slop pig. I fell in with other shoppers, all of us quietly marveling at the simplicity of each object, touching them with our fat American fingers.
He's as excited at the clothing as at the simple household items, stating: "The clothes here simmer with potential. I felt as if I was standing in American Apparel, circa 2004, or Benetton, circa 1993." We were there last night, and it is, as Albo states, a great place to buy gifts. And the quiet, neutrally-hued environment made the CB2 next door seem almost garish. What impressed us on this last trip: if it's drizzly out, they carefully cover your shopping bag with a little plastic raincoat (pictured). It's the little touches that count. Also, the socks really are that great.
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MUJI - Soho

455 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 Visit Website