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Breaking RackedWire: Georgette Klinger Spa Bankrupt, Midtown Location Shuttered

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MIDTOWN EAST—Georgett Klinger, a spa chain that has locations in New York, Dallas, Palm Beach and Chicago, is bankrupt. A tipster writes:

Georgette Klinger Spa went bankrupt today. My wife just showed up for her 3:30 facial appointment at this place on Madison Ave near 53rd St. It was closed and the doorman said they went bankrupt. Their answering machine is full. Their website has been “undergoing renovation” for about a month. They have spas in many major cities, Chicago, etc. Sorry no photo. I told my wife she should have taken a pic with her cell phone, she was too pissed off. This is quite a piece of retail space, as you know.
The company's website currently boasts this curious statement: "Dear Valued Client, Georgette Klinger is currently in the process of moving its inventory warehouse location due to an unexpected circumstance. During this transition, there will be a delay in the shipment of orders." That "unexpected circumstance" would be the Chapter 11 that the company filed a few months back. Georgette Klinger clients, you best book your facials elsewhere from now on. [RackedWire]

Photo via Flickr/matusiak