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Rumormongering: Apple Landing on the UWS?

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The Post, the paper that floated the false rumor about Apple looking for space in Williamsburg, is now stating (with more certainty) that the tech company will be opening an outpost on the northwest corner of Broadway and 67th Street on the Upper West Side. Lois Weiss:

Displacing a Victoria's Secret shop, the proposed Apple Store follows behind locations in SoHo, the Meatpacking District and the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Midtown. Sources say Apple plans to put up a new building - which has architecture-buffs wondering if one of Apple's trademark glass designs is on the drawing board. And just like Apple's previous locations, the Upper West Side store should have ample floor space and plenty of hidden nooks-and-crannies for hipsters to hang out, work on their novels - and of course, hook-up.
Apple opening on the UWS would make much more sense than Apple opening in Williamsburg—which is officially not happening, fyi—so maybe this one is true. The Victoria's Secret mentioned is at 1981 Broadway and West 67th Street. But "hidden nooks-and-crannies"? We are talking about a sleek, open, modern box showcasing electronics here, not an English muffin.
UPDATE: It's true.
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