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Now Open: Free People's Colorful, Patchouli-Scented Flagship

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Walking into the new Free People store at 79 Fifth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets feels kinda like entering a college dorm room: there's shag carpeting everywhere, a ton of 19-year-old girls milling about wearing artfully-draped scarves, and "Pass the Dutchie" is playing over the speaker system. Shopping here's a fun experience, though, even for those as bitter and jaded as Racked writers. The bright and airy bi-level space is stocked with floaty tops, flared jeans, wide belts, sunglasses, sleepwear and a ton of scarves. Price points are certainly much lower than nearby neighbor Anthropologie, but unlike Anthro, Free People's clothing really is only suitable for those dorm-dwelling days.


The trippy cashwrap on the first floor.

Check out all those scarves!