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Mo' Banks: Chase and Bank of America To Room With Whole Foods and Duane Reade at 808 Columbus

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Photo of 808 Columbus via Curbed

It's been far, far too long since we've checked in with Columbus Village (aka 808 Columbus) on the Upper West Side. The massive site, located between 97th and 100th Streets, will eventually be home to a Whole Foods, but a fancy grocery store isn't all that the multi-tower retail and residential development has up its sleeve. A tipster writes:

Time for another update on Upper (Upper) West Side developments? Straight from Shopping Center Business to you comes this profile of Winick Realty, which is charged with leasing all 320,000 square feet of that nifty space. The Whole Foods at 97th and Columbus and the Duane Reade are long since confirmed. Now we learn that contracts have been signed with Chase and Bank of America, a real thrill for those of us dreaming about cafes, bookstores, and art houses. But the real mystery in the article is the lease that has supposedly been signed with "Models." Is this a hot new store we should know about? Or is Modell's coming our way?
Now that Whole Foods is on board, anything is possible. Models, Modell's—whatever it is, it's sure to be fantastic. And about the banks: we're talking Chase and Bank of America? So many options! The Upper West Side will never be the same again!
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