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Wish List: A Sea-Monkey-Filled EcoSphere

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The holiday season is upon us, striking fear into the heart of shopping procrastinators everywhere. Need help deciding what to purchase for others, or looking for inspiration for your wish list? We've got you covered. We've joined forces with Refinery29 to bring Racked readers present ideas cherry-picked from Refinery29's new holiday buying blog Gift Central.

Remember sea monkeys? The ones of our youth swam through murky waters in cheap, brightly-colored plastic containers. The brine shrimp of today live in more posh habitats, though. Example: eco-friendly retail site Vivaterra's refined, hand-blown glass sphere filled with plants, algea, sea monkeys and other organisms, available with free rush shipping for the holidays! According to the website, the sphere arrives with booklet of instructions, which probably caution against leaving it out in extreme temperatures. A hot sea monkey is not a happy sea monkey.

$89, available at
· Living Ecosphere [Gift Central]