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The 'Bucks Stops Here: Wrong Broker Getting Credit For Bringing Starbucks To Riverdale

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If you were one of the many that declared broker Dan Wright, the man who claimed responsibility for bringing Starbucks to Riverdale, a villain, your bile may have been misplaced. Another broker wants (deserves?) the honor. He writes:

hello...just a friendly letter to the editor...My name is Ryan Feldman and I am a commercial retail real estate broker formelry working for Retail Zone, LLC...for a little over a year we exclusively represented Starbucks in Queens and The Bronx...during that time, we successfully opened up seven (7) restaurants for Starbucks, one of them being 3501 Johnson Avenue...

Thus, Dan Wright, or any other talentless residential real estate broker who is seeking unwarranted publicity, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Starbucks coming to Johnson in the world he connived the Daily News into thinking that his "e-mails" and "phone calls" spurred Starbucks interest in Riverdale is beyond me [but then again, it is the Daily News after all]...In any event, Dan Wright is a fraud, and if he did indeed have any talent whatsoever, he would have phoned the landlord of the building in which his office is located [duh!] and inquired about upcoming availabilities considering how eager he was bring Starbucks to Riverdale.
Well then. Let the record stand corrected and the hating on Ryan Feldman proceed.
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Photo via the Daily News