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'Whatever happens in Bath Beach does not have to stay there!'

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How could we have overlooked the awesomeness that is the New York Daily News' blog The Bath Beach Beat for so long? From it we learn that Bath Beach will soon be home to kid's workout facility Little Gym. Bath Beach Beat scribe Denise Romano writes: "...Little Gym’s make me think of places like Park Slope, where people are organic and green. Bath Beach is not exactly like that. Maybe I am being small minded or dead wrong, but it just surprised me. Not that there is anything wrong with Park Slope, or having special programs for kids, but it has a different vibe than here. I guess its just something to keep my eyes on. That’s all of the rambling I have for the week. If anyone disagrees with me, feel free to let me know. I don’t really like yuppies and hipsters and am afraid they are going to invade my neighborhood!" [The Bath Beach Beat]