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Large LES American Apparel to Become More Massive

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The rumors swirling about American Apparel's expansion into 199 Orchard are true. A tipster writes: "The LES American Apparel is expanding into the space that was a restaurant behind it. I walked by this evening, and saw that they had already knocked down the wall that divided the two spaces. I turned the corner onto Houston, and saw employees loading boxes into the store from an AA truck. I assume there was clothing in the boxes." More evidence: On PropertShark, the phone records for the storefront at 199 Orchard Street have been switched from Big John, the last tenant, to American Apparel.

The LES AA store, which was one of the first in the city, isn't as large as some of the newer American Apparels, but annexing on all that space does make one wonder what they're going to fill it with. We think that they're taking on the extra selling space to test out their new concept, California Vintage. After all, where better to do vintage than on the Lower East Side?
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Photo via Flickr/herman melville