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Above The Fray: DVF

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Diane von Furstenberg, a designer much-beloved for her flattering and chic dresses, is holding a sample sale through Saturday. Curious as to whether or not it's worth stopping by? We've got DVF sale reports from three different shoppers:

1) A commenter: "Definitely worth going to. Lots of styles and sizes. Only downsides: just 2 pairs of shoes (ballet flats) and the sweaters aren't great. Cute dresses though and prices look like they just got slashed. No wait in line, but then again, I went at an off hour." [Racked Comments]

2) A reader: "Went yesterday around 2pm – not too crowded, no line to get in or pay (dressing rooms were a zoo, though). They had plenty of merchandise, a lot of it very nice, but the prices weren’t stellar. It is the usual—dresses are $150, “vintage print” wrap dresses are $175, blouses and sweaters are $80, shoes are $70. Definitely a good value if you have the money, but no crazy bargains (I got a DVF dress at Lucky Shops for $50 – 5 months later that same dress was at the sample sale for $150, so I felt pretty good about myself!). They had a great range of sizes and many pieces were from the fall collection—very wearable right now. I’m going to wait until tomorrow or Saturday and hope they cut the prices a bit more?spent too much at the Tory Burch sale." [Racked Inbox]

3) eye4 style: "The DVF sale is generally packed, but I must have hit it at a decent time (about 1pm today) as the line to get in was just a few minutes long and there was no line at all to pay. Prices at the sale were fair, a bit expensive when compared to the steals and deals that can be found at department stores and spots like Nordstrom Rack. Most dresses were $150 (generally retail for over $300), with Vintage Wrap styles coming in at $175. There were tops for $80 and lucky size 6 girls could rummage through boxes of samples for $50 each." [eye4style]
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Photo of DVF sample sale spoils from Julia Allison's Tumblr