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Fox & Fawn, the Most "Downtown" Vintage Store on the LES?

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Fox & Fawn is an entirely awesome sounding vintage boutique at 112 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey Streets that opened a few months ago. Owners Marisa Johnson and Djuna Bel have stocked their store with designer vintage boots, dresses, coats, tops and pants, many priced under $100. It all sounds great to us, but we can't help but notice, while looking over the press info that landed in the Racked Inbox, how truly "downtown" the place is. Why do we think that Fox & Fawn may be the most "downtown" vintage boutique on the LES? It has a little to do with the photos they sent us (Polaroids!), but that's not the sole reason.

1) Has two animals in name

2) On the LES

3) Selling vintage, including high-waisted shorts and oversize sunglasses

4) Has a MySpace page with close to 300 friends

5) Ambitiously wants to be much more than just a store—also a music venue and a space for art exhibitions

6) Hosts "secret" rock shows

7) According to Grandlife, the owners met while at boarding school in Switzerland

8) Perhaps most damningly, both owners sport bangs

· Fox & Fawn [MySpace]