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Wish List: A Modern Gingerbread House

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The holiday season is upon us, striking fear into the heart of shopping procrastinators everywhere. Need help deciding what to purchase for others, or looking for inspiration for your wish list? We've got you covered. We're joining forces with Refinery29 to bring Racked readers present ideas cherry-picked from Refinery29's new holiday buying blog Gift Central.

This is just, like, the coolest thing ever: RedEnvelope is selling a modern gingerbread house, "complete with garage and rock garden," that's completely edible and comes fully assembled. And, you can personalize it. Upon further examination, it looks very much like the Brady Bunch house, which could be a bonus or a drawback depending on the giftee.

$78 ($88 if personalized), available at Red Envelope.

· Modern Gingerbread House [Gift Central]