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Rackage: PULL-IN Underwear

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Rackage is a look inside recently-opened stores around town. Let's take a moment now to peek into new Nolita innerwear boutique PULL-IN.

A recent rush of indie lingerie stores is generating heat this frigid winter. PULL-IN Underwear is another newcomer to the city’s undergarments arena; the funky French brand has established their first American concept store in Nolita. The boutique is a slick monochromatic black, designed to showcase and enhance the bold colors and designs of its products. The effect is striking and makes the underwear patterns (including sparkling stars, retro florals, fruits, plaids, and comic-book iconography) really pop.

PULL-IN offers both men’s and women’s apparel. There are boxers and briefs for men, and an assortment of thongs, panties, bras, and matching sets in microfibre, lace, and cotton blends for the ladies. Prices are a little steep, ranging from $30 for a pair of cotton-spandex panties to $120 for a fancy set, but these are no ordinary undies! The patterns are wild and fun, and the fabrics are comfortable, too. PULL-IN is like a party in your pants!