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Wish List: Hansel from Basel Socks

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The holiday season is upon us, striking fear into the heart of shopping procrastinators everywhere. Need help deciding what to purchase for others, or looking for inspiration for your wish list? We've got you covered. We're joining forces with Refinery29 to bring Racked readers present ideas cherry-picked from Refinery29's new holiday buying blog Gift Central.

Socks are one of those essentials that people need but hate to buy. Are they a boring present idea? Not necessarily. Hosiery company Hansel from Basel makes quirky, colorful and high-quality pairs. You can buy socks in an array of saturated hues and poppy prints. For those who really want to make a statement with their legwear, the brand also makes awesome, bright polka-dot printed tights.

Hansel from Basel socks and tights available at Creatures of Comfort.
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