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The Man Responsible for Starbucks in Riverdale: Hero or Villain?

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Perhaps you're familiar with Daniel Wright, the real estate broker responsible for bringing Starbucks to Riverdale. This morning, the Daily News had the story of how he begged and pleaded with Starbucks until they agreed to open a location in his neighborhood, which will now collectively go through a period of mass insomnia, while residents adjust to the sudden increase in caffeine running through their veins. Normally, when a Starbucks arrives, the host neighborhood reacts in one of two ways: schoolgirl-caliber giddiness over the arrival of grande iced, half-calf, extra foam, vanilla skim lattes (in a venti cup); or unmitigated rage, because Starbucks arriving means the little guy departing. Which brings us to today's Racked poll.

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