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iPacking District: Loo-less Apple Store Settles In on 14th and 9th

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All quiet on the western front: The MePa Apple Store this morning.

Little evidence of Friday's frenzy remains at the MePa Apple Store today. The heat lamps have been carted away, the trash has been picked up and the portable fencing that barely contained Friday evening's huge crowds has been pushed to the edge of the sidewalk. Through the windows, a smattering of customers can be seen walking around the store's three floors, gazing at tables of sleek igoods.

Racked paid the place a visit on Saturday when it was a bit busier and noted two things. One: that staircase is not for those fearful of heights and two: the MePa Apple Store is without a bathroom. That, my friends, is an incredible oversight. So in an attempt to be servicey, here are some spots nearby that have restroom facilities, should you be in need of such a thing.

1. Little Pie Company: Perhaps the closest loo to the Meatpacking District Apple Store is the one located inside its 14th Street neighbor, bakery/cafe Little Pie Company. It's possible to duck in here without feeling too embarrassed, but we'd recommend buying a cupcake ($2.50)—after all, the bathroom is labeled "Customers Only."

2. Soho House*: The Soho House is definitely an elegant choice in which to relieve yourself. Of course, there is that pesky Members Only policy to deal with.

3. Jeffery: Not too far west of the Apple Store lies retail pioneer Jeffery. Walk in with confidence, peruse the shoes like you're actually there to shop, then make a beeline for the powder room.

4. Pop Burger: Patty parlor Pop Burger is not recommended, unless you don't mind humbling yourself before the host stand. Still, when you need to go you need to go.

5. The Chelsea Market: If you can hobble this far, we salute you. Still, the situation at the Market is extremely dicey—last we visited, there was only one stall for the ladies.

6. Starbucks: There's a Starbucks on Eighth Avenue and 16th Street and on Eighth Avenue and 19th Street. As you probably know, Starbucks baristas don't seem to give a crap if you take a crap, which is why the bathrooms are often really nasty.

We're sure we've overlooked a water closet or two; if you've got a favorite, leave it in the comments.
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