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In The Holiday Windows: Lord & Taylor's All Dolled Up

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The holiday season isn't just about conspicuous consumption. It's also about showy trimmings—brightly-printed wrapping paper, glossy ornaments, strings of lights. The most refined seasonal decorations are the ephemeral pieces of art cropping up in the windows of major department stores. Throughout the week, we'll be showcasing some of the most elaborate public displays for your viewing pleasure; up to bat today is Lord & Taylor.

[Photos by Krieger; click to enlarge]

You almost have to press your nose against the glass to see the full detail of Lord & Taylor's meticulously-planned, elegant holiday window displays. Creative director Manoel Renha portrayed the theme "Christmas is the Moment" with a series of miniature holiday scenes that somehow exemplify one of the five senses. The window above, in which musicians play in a beautifully-appointed mansion, is "sound," for instance. Lord & Taylor's considered by many to be the gold standard for department store holiday windows, and they've been putting them up for eighty years.

Christmas dinner, aka "taste."

Santa arrives via gondola.

· Lord & Taylor [Official Site]