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Oh, Roberto: The Clothing

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Looking back at the events of yesterday, a few things become clear. First, Roberto Cavalli has somewhat of a following. Second, people will undergo efforts of herculean proportions to get their hands on almost anything that is heavily advertised as "limited edition," especially if there is some sort of celebrity tie-in. The fact that women were whacking each other with hangers in order to be able to pay good money for junk such as what you see above is a testament to the skill of Cavalli's and H&M's marketing team. Because if you encountered such an item while on a stroll through the retailer's stores any other day, it would probably be hanging forlornly on a rack with about 30 more just like it, untouched.

This dress was $349. It was also see-through.

No comment.

This is the men's underwear section! Good god.
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