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Oh, Roberto: The Complete And Utter Madness

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The Roberto Cavalli collection for H&M was perhaps the most overhyped "masstige" launch yet. We've finally managed to stagger out of the H&M flagship store at 51st Street and Fifth Avenue, dazed, a bit bruised and still in utter shock over the behaviors we witnessed inside. Namely, women and men physically fighting over tacky scraps of animal-print fabric.

Cha-ching! Cavalli smiles as he watches the feeding frenzy.

Pushing and shoving.

The early bird gets the animal print.

Guards protecting the mannequins, which shoppers were not allowed to strip.

The checkout line.

Hey, it's the "Bitch, I'm gonna cut you!" guy. He scored big, no doubt due to his powers of intimidation.
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