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Big "Gift Box" Being Built In Midtown

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Site of the "gift box" at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue

We're trying to digest a bit of info that landed in the Racked Inbox a few hours ago. From a reader:

Okay, so one day it might indeed be developed as another hoity toity, fancy schmancy hotel, but what is actually going on now is far more interesting. It seems that not all financial firms are having such a bad year after all. The story is that Bank of America is planning on giving New Yorkers a very large holiday present this year in the form of a large, VERY large, gift box. A firm specializing in special events is currently working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to construct a huge "gift box" with all the trimmings. In it will be all sorts of special events for New Yorkers to enjoy during the holiday season. The big rush is on to get in completed in time for Black Friday, which a mere 15 days away. Can't wait to see how this one turns out!
Okay, so in a mere two weeks' time there will be a huge pop-up store shaped like a be-ribboned gift box in midtown? Very strange. Developing...
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