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illy Pop-Up MIA

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Of the many holiday pop-up stores touching down in city this year, we've been most intrigued by the illy push-button house. Designed by artist and architect Adam Kalkin, the house is a mini-cafe built inside a recycled shipping container which opens at the push of a button. The pop up was supposed to make its debut today on the second floor of the Time Warner Center, but when we showed up, ready for a caffeine boost, it was nowhere to be found. None of the illy representatives that were on hand could tell us where the shipping container was, exactly, and we didn't get a clear answer as to when it'd be showing up (one person told us Saturday, another Monday). This was all very disappointing, obviously, but at least they were giving out free cups of coffee from a little stand, and there was some sort of illy artwork on display as well. All in all, a poor showing from illy so far.

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