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RackedWire: Geppetto's Toy Box No More, Chains Open in Tribeca

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GREENWICH VILLAGE—Another small, locally-owned business bites the dust. A reader writes: "Hi, I was saddened to hear Geppetto's Toy Box on Christopher Street is closing - apparently the owner was injured and it's affected the business and he said it would likely be closing, then walked by today and there's a store for rent sign up. Such a shame as it's a wonderful little shop - they are to Toys R Us what Books of Wonder is to Barnes and Noble." [RackedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA—Tribeca's now home to big-box retailers Bed Bath & Beyond and Barnes & Noble. A tipster: "Did you attend the opening party at the new Barnes & Noble in Tribeca? Bed, Bath & Beyond also opened this weekend. Both are gigantic single-level stores that you can get lost in. It completely doesn’t feel like Manhattan down there." [RackedWire Inbox]