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In The Holiday Windows: Saks Gets Snowed In

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The holiday season isn't just about conspicuous consumption. It's also about showy trimmings—brightly-printed wrapping paper, glossy ornaments, strings of lights. The most refined seasonal decorations are the ephemeral pieces of art cropping up in the windows of major department stores. Throughout the week, we'll be showcasing some of the most elaborate public displays for your viewing pleasure; up to bat today is Saks.

[Photos by Krieger; click to enlarge]

This year, Saks is basing its holiday displays upon Snowpeople, a children's book being sold exclusively at Saks. Well, that ties together nicely, doesn't it? The storyline of the book is all about diversity and searching for 'individual identities.' The window displays, designed by Saks window dresser Tim Wisgerhof, seek to tell the same tale. The overall look is whimsical and pretty—like a storybook sprung to life, which is, really, what they were going for. Sadly, we do not have an MP3 of Marlo Thomas narrating the scenes; to hear that, you'll have to head up to 49th Street and Fifth Avenue yourself.
UPDATE: Saks has just put up a fun video of the window unveiling.

More snowpeople

That must've taken some time.

Snow mannequins

More snow mannequins