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Now Open: Agas & Tamar Settle Down In Nolita

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Here's a novel way to secure a NYC storefront: park yourself in front of a boutique to watch what type of business they do, then when it's clear that they're not selling enough of whatever they sell to turn a good profit, swoop in. That's what Eli Halili of jewelry line Agas & Tamar did. According to WWD, the man sat on a bench outside handbag boutique Helen Marien at 250 Mott Street in Nolita for "part of each day for more than a year until the owner went out of business." Wow, that's real tenacity. Agas & Tamar moved into he 500-square-foot shop in September. The store sells "the 10-year-old label's Eastern-inspired pieces, mostly in 22- and 24-karat gold and ranging from $500 for a pair of studs to $12,000 for a pink diamond rope chain." We have a feeling that they'll be holding on to that boutique for some time.
· Agas & Tamar Bears Fruit in NYC [WWD, subscription req]

Image of Debra Messing and Donna Karan at a party for Agas & Tamar via WireIMage