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Storecasting: Blue & Cream's Wall Of Fame

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Yes, that's Lizzie Grubman, Russell Simmons and Howard Stern

Hamptons boutique Blue & Cream has decided to announce its upcoming arrival on the Bowery by pulling down the plywood and papering up the windows of its space, located inside the Avalon Chrystie complex. Nevermind that they’re already running a month behind schedule. They’re not the type of retailer to break a sweat over these things. No, instead, they are they type of retailer that would plaster a (somewhat garish) photo montage of celebrities, Hamptons regulars, and Hollywood icons all over the front of their soon-to-open store. Look, this shit may be par for the course in the Hamptons, but in the East Village? This does not bode well.
UPDATE: Jeremiah of Vanishing New York also not a fan

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