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Billyburg To WORK IT OUT At New Gym

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Femia, 11/01/2007

Attention slender (and chunky) Williamsburg hipsters: your sweatbands, short running shorts and American Apparel faded heather gray tees may get some actual use as exercise gear. We're not talking about the mad dash to make it to Enid's before there's a wait on Sundays or shoving into the L during rush hour, no—the burg is finally getting an honest-to-goodness fitness center! Soma Health Club will be housed in a huge building (formerly a theater) at 107 South 6th Street between Berry and Driggs and is slated to open in January. From a tipster who's excited about the development:

Add to the B-burg list of new neighborhood amenities a health and fitness facility in a beautiful S. 6th street building currently undergoing renovation. To wit: Soma (!) which a recent postcard on our windshield promises 16,000 sq ft of personal training, steam room, sauna, free weights, private yoga, aerobic classes, cardio theater, private atrium, 'and much, much more.' Now the hipsters can build enough muscle mass to heft liters of lager at the new beer garden, or throw strikes at the new bowling alley.
It is, indeed, the dawn of a new era.

The facade of the building in May, also via Femia

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