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Breaking: Marc's West 4th St Stores Open!

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On West 4th Street and Bank, a new Marc Jacobs boutique

Marc Jacobs' newest additions to the West Village retail scene, a Little Marc (at 289 West 4th) and a Marc Jacobs Collection accessories store (at 310 West 4th), both opened for business this past Saturday. The kid's store boasts a case of vintage Tiffany charms, a la the vintage watches at RRL; the collection store seems to be a straight mini-version of the Soho collection store, carrying what looks to be the very same stuff. So here we are, with Marc Jacobs having opened arguably his two most luxe West Village boutiques off of Bleecker Street, the stretch that many would say he colonized. Bleecker Street gets stuck with the Marc by Marc accessories store, while off the beaten track on West 4th you can find the designer's more pricey handbags. The takeaway here is that Bleecker Street is now too downmarket for Jacobs. These are his new West Village flagships; the other stores are just tourist offerings.

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Marc Jacobs Collection

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