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Show Me The Muji!: And The Public Goes Wild!

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Things are really blowing up over at Muji, as there is now a massive line to enter the place. Racked correspondent: "Store full! Line out front to get in now 30 deep!!!!" Thirty deep for, basically, the Gap—though it's like a zen-ish version of Gap, really. It is as if New Yorkers are discovering the wheel, but that's not exactly right, either. It is as if the wheel we had been using was in some way imperfect, bumpy (if you will), and Muji's is a smooth, bumpless circle. It's hard to put into words just how we feel about this store, obviously.

More color: "They just brought in several more buckets of Muji bags!!! Signs say free Muji bags to everyone for the first three days!!!" Rejoice, everyone! This is, most definitely, a historic day for our city.
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MUJI - Soho

455 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 Visit Website