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'Tis The Season for Holiday Pop-Up Shops

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The illy pop-up shop, coming to the Time Warner Shopping Center Nov 28th. Photo via Cool Hunter

They've got the life span of a fruit fly and serve the same purpose as a highway billboard. Pop-up stores are the becoming more and more popular as marketing vehicles for emerging brands and large corporations. NewYorkology has complied a helpful list of the now-you-see-them, now-you-don't retailers which includes some we've discussed before— the Bank of America glass gift box, the illy pop-up—and some we haven't touched upon yet, like Wired's annual gadget fest at 60 Greene Street, a temporary Johnnie Walker Blue shop coming to the Time Warner Center, and several one-day-only pop-ups opening in conjunction with Details Magazine's Meatpacking District Block Party. As the years go on, these marketing schemes seem to get more and more outrageous. Imagine building a huge steel-and-glass structure, only to tear it down 10 days after completion?
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