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Bogus Claims Land Lululemon in Hot Water

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Dear Lululemon Athletica:

If you are going to tout the special, almost mythical properties of the workout garments you sell because they supposedly contain seaweed, perhaps maybe you should check to make sure what you are stating is correct before you go out there claiming things.

No one likes a liar, especially not the New York Times, which had the wherewithal to go to a lab to test one of your VitaSea shirts, "made from seaweed fiber supplied by a company called SeaCell" and said to "reduce stress and provides anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hydrating and detoxifying benefits" against a normal cotton tee. Difference found? None. And your response? You "trusted the claims of your suppliers" and that you knew the fabric was special because it felt different to the touch. Good luck with using that type of reasoning to explain your bogus claims to your customers.

PS: These revelations can not be good for business.
· ‘Seaweed’ Clothing Has None, Tests Show [NY Times]