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Racked Report: Business (Or Lack Thereof) On Bleecker

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Storefronts sit empty on Bleecker Street. At far left, Charley and Kalley; at the center, Gerry's; at right, Condomania.

It's become painfully obvious that the mallification of Bleecker has killed locally-owned retail along the famed street. It seems like high-end luxury retailers like Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger are driving up commercial rents on the block so that indie stores can no longer afford them. Just a short distance from Magnolia Bakery and the stores that piggybacked on its commercial cupcake success, there are a surprising number of vacancies. From Charles Street to Grove Street, the amount of empty storefronts is striking in comparison to the upscale businesses a few blocks away.

On the north side of the street, between Charles and West 10th streets, gone are Charley and Kalley (353), Gerry’s (353), and Condomania (351)—though it looks like a tenant has moved into that last space. Between West 10th and Christopher, there is a consecutive row of vacancies from 341-345 Bleecker, including what used to be the Village Cottage. Across the street from this desolate storefront stretch is a former business closed off by a silver gate (334). And then just a few doors down between Christopher and Grove Streets, clothier Davis and Gardner (318) and neighborhood deli Bleecker Grocery (327) are also shuttered. Check out this map of vacant storefronts, all clustered together.

318 Bleecker, formerly Davis & Gardner

327 Bleecker, formerly Bleecker Grocery

341-343 Bleecker, formerly The Village Cottage

345 Bleecker

Will the mallification of Bleecker creep eastward as only chain stores with deep pockets can afford the pricey neighborhood real estate? Or is this just the rhythm of today, gone tomorrow?
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