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Now Open: Michael Kors Settles In On Prince

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[Photos via WWD]

We can't stay angry at you, Michael Kors. It turns out that the American designer's decision to open a Soho store in the space that had housed neighborhood institution Jerry's, a move we questioned, made Kors himself uncomfortable. He tells WWD:

We were looking for a space in Soho for such a long time, and when we got the phone call about this space, the first thing I said was, 'Is that near Jerry's?'" he said. "I didn't want it to be like the 'You've Got Mail' scenario, with Tom Hanks kicking out Meg Ryan from her neighborhood store.
Michael Kors watches chick flicks! Anyway, the store is stocked with Kors' collection line, which boasts designer price points, as well as his more-affordable Kors Michael Kors and Michael Micheal Kors labels. We may not be able to hold a grudge with Kors, but rest assured that Varvatos will not be let off the hook so easily.
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